TOX Membership


Earn up to 119 Points.

The membership includes the following “perks”:

  • Initial consultation ($100)
  • Botox 3 times a year (max. of 50 units per treatment for a max amount of 150 units) ($1950)
  • One Laser Facial (max $350)
  • One Medical Facial (max $198)
  • Three skincare products. (3 x $100 max each – Total $300)

GET an extra $250 in Sparkle Money, no setup fees and no time restriction when you pay for the year in full at signing!
This voucher can be used toward any other products or services!

Are you tired of having to remember to reschedule your botox every three to four months?

We're about to make your life a whole lot easier by taking the thinking out of your tox!

Our Sparkle TOX membership is a recurring payment of $199 + HST per month and gets all botox for one year!

As easy as Amazon Prime!  All you have to do is buy the subscription and we take care of the rest!  We will even handpick two full-size skincare products to help you maintain your results included in your membership fee!

How does this work?

  • Make your first monthly payment + setup fee
  • Our guest relations will contact you to set up the recurring payment
  • You'll be invited for your initial consultation so we can select your products.


  • If you use more than 50 units during your treatment, you will pay the difference at reg. price for all additional units.
  • No more than 50 units can be redeemed per visit, no more than 50 units can be redeemed every 4 months.
  • You can only use one “perk” a month. Ex, you can’t receive the Tox & serum the same time.
  • $100 is applicable toward any serums. Any balance remaining can’t be carried over to a future purchase.
  • Laser Facial can only be performed after Month 6.
  • We require a credit card on file (Visa Debit also works).
  • Your Sparkle account needs to be in good standing to be able to join this membership.
  • 12-month commitment.
  • Membership can’t be paid with any promotions, sparkle accounts, prepaid gift cards, promotional vouchers


  • Membership benefits can’t be shared with anyone.
  • The membership will renew automatically without any processing fee.
  • Please contact us at [email protected] at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the contract if you would like to terminate the contract.
  • If you decide to terminate, you can still rejoin by signing a new contract and paying the initial set up fee.
  • Remaining sessions can’t be exchanged for any other products, services, or money.


  • Let us know you are enrolled in the Tox membership when you book your appointment.
  • All your products and services are sold under "gift cards" and will be tracked in your Sparkle account.
  • All gift cards and sessions will expire 12 months after date of sale.
  • At all times you can check your balance by sending an email to [email protected].
  • You can only use one VIP gift card a month (example, facial - month one,
    Botox - month 2 etc.)
  • If your credit card gets declined, you will be contacted by email and/or phone. If the payment is done within 48 hours of our call, we will wave any extra fees. Otherwise, your membership will be put on hold and a $50 reactivation fee will be required to be paid, along with the outstanding balance of your account to reactivate your membership.
  • After 30 days of non-payment, the contract will be terminated and considered break of contract.
  • In case of break of contract, you are responsible to pay for the balance between amount paid and treatments received at regular price + a $100 cancellation fee.


I agree to the following terms at the current Botox membership price of $ 199 + HST per month which will be billed monthly on the _________ of the month to the credit card attached to my profile. The initial set up fee is $150 and will be added to the first monthly payment.

I agree to the 12-month commitment for the Sparkle Tox Membership which will be renewed each year automatically. I understand that the subscription price is subject to change upon renewal, promotions cannot be combined, and that I cannot purchase a membership with a Sparkle Account balance. If I choose to not renew my membership at the end of my 12-month term, I must provide written notice with a minimum of 2 weeks before the end of my 12-month term.

I understand that I will receive:

  • One Botox visit every 4 months (3 times a year) for one year, receiving a max of 50 units / treatment session.
  • One product every 4 months (3 products a year) (up to a value of $100 per product).
  • One medical facial (up to $195 value) & one laser facial (up to $350 value).
  • 5% off regular price on all Retail and Services outside of the Tox Membership Perks.

I understand that I cannot return any products once they have been opened. I can exchange a product in the event of any skin reaction within 14 days of purchase providing that I present pictures of the skin reaction and document the adverse effects.

I understand that if a monthly payment is unable to be processed for any reason, I will be contacted by the Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa team, after which I have 48 hours to update my payment information and provide the missed payment. Otherwise, a $50 reactivation fee will be required to reactivate my membership.

If I do not update my payment information and provide all the missing payments, my membership will be frozen and I will not be able to receive any spa services until I pay the missing payments and provide new payment information. After 30 days without payment, the contract will be terminated and considered a break of contract. In case of break of contract, the client will need to pay for the balance between amount paid and treatment received at regular price + a $100 Cancellation fee.

I understand that a 48-hour cancellation policy does apply to all visits and that if I cancel within 48 hours or no-show to one of my appointments that the $100 no-show/late cancel fee will be charged to the credit card attached to my profile to pay for the service provider’s time. I UNDERSTAND THAT 15 MINUTES PAST MY APPOINTMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED A NO-SHOW AND BE SUBJECT TO THE NO-SHOW FEE.

If a medical problem or prolonged extenuating circumstances prevents my completion of the contract within the period outlined in this agreement, I understand that management will review my case and determine how to proceed.

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