UltraZone Eve Kegel Balls



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Only 2 left in stock

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Product Description

While they haven’t brought me to orgasm, yet, these beads definitely met my expectations. With a little bit of water based lube, Eve was easy and comfortable to insert. Although I wasn’t able to fully insert the bottom bead, which makes sense, because it allowed me to still have access to the control button. Once I had the beads in, I was ready to play! I began by holding the toy’s button down for three long seconds, and then turning on the remote. Switching vibration settings, which you can do with the toy’s button or middle button on the remote, and speeds was very simple. Even though you can’t go back to a previous pattern- instead you have to cycle back through the first one.

And with nine different patterns, each having five speeds from pretty slow to rabbit fast, Eve offers a great range of vibrations settings to cater to most women’s desires:

Steady vibe
Quick pulsations
Revving up to steady vibe
Build up from pulsations to fast steady vibe
Pulsations with short pauses
Longer pulsations with pauses in between
Long throbbing vibration
Short, quick pulsations
The vibrations were EXTREMELY powerful and mostly felt in the tip, but there was also a strong radiating feeling in the lower egg, even causing me to feel slight vibrations in my perineum. After trying Eve out solo, I couldn’t wait to really test its ability to be controlled from a distance. And it proved to be even more arousing, since the remote really could control the beads from fifteen feet away!

Body safe material
Multiple patterns and speeds
Wireless remote for solo or partner play

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