Discover the Sparkle Lifestyle: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Your skin reflects what’s going on in your body.

No laser will compensate for poor skincare…

No skincare will compensate for a poor lifestyle.

Our Evolution

Our Evolution

As we grew, we added advanced technologies and services for comprehensive feminine health, including cosmetic injections and laser treatments, supported by a skilled team.

Our innovative and collaborative efforts have established industry excellence. Led by Madelaine’s vision, we’ve become a cutting-edge facility committed to helping clients achieve their wellness goals.

The Sparkle Lifestyle

The Sparkle Lifestyle Journey

  • General Consultation
  • Skin Analysis
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Customized Treatment Plan
  • Concierge Service
  • Results Evaluation
  • Maintenance Game Plan
Step 1 - Protect

Step 1 : Protect

Now it’s time to stop the damage. Let’s protect what you already have with a light block and make sure you are cleansing your face with the correct products.

Step 2 Calm Inflammation

Step 2 : Calm Inflammation

Calming inflammation is key in skincare—it’s the base for lasting beauty.

Soothing our skin helps it heal, rejuvenate, and truly shine.

Step 3 Nourish

Step 3 : Nourish

Invest in skincare with active ingredients first, like serums. These products should penetrate deep, changing skin cell behavior, requiring a specialized delivery system not found over the counter

Step 4 Dermal Treatment

Step 4 : Dermal Treatment

For lasting results, targeting only the top skin layers won’t suffice. Reversing aging requires generating new cells at the dermal level to repair damage and neutralize free radicals accumulated over time. Our favorites are Potenza RF, PicoWay Resolve, and PRP Injections

Step 5 - Custom Add Ons

Step 5 : Customize Treatment

Individual needs vary—more volume for some, acne treatment for others, or calming rosacea. We customize treatments, offering extra nourishment through medical facials, volume with dermal fillers, or adjustments with toxins.

How many treatment do I need

How Many Tx Do I Need?

Treatment needs vary based on age, skin care history, exposure to pollution, UV rays, and lifestyle. I typically recommend one treatment per decade of age, plus extras for specific triggers. I advise including the neck for everyone, the décolleté for sun exposure, and hands for those over 40 or with significant sun damage.

20 in Sparkle Money

20% Sparkle Money to Customize your plan

Now that you know how many treatments you need, your consultant will guide you in customizing them. Choose a plan, and we’ll give you 20% of its value in Sparkle Money to select the perfect add-ons for you!