Your Ultimate

Skincare Guide

The Best Skincare Brands

Osmosis Skincare: For sensitive Skin

Vivier Pharma : For hyperpigmentation and Vitamin C

SkinMedica: For the best growth factors & retinol

SkinBetter Science: The Best Hyaluronic Acid

EltaMD: For the best sunblocks

Koffee Beauty: The Best natural exfoliant

Bend Beauty: The best skincare supplement.

The Right Skincare Order

Morning Skincare Order

Step 1 – Cleanse
  • Cleansers effectively remove dirt, makeup and environmental toxins without drying out the skin or stripping the skin’s protective lipid barrier.
  • Apply to damp skin and massage in for 60 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm tepid water.
  • Can be used both morning and evening.
  • A good cleanser is free of sodium lauryl sulphate and parabens.
Step 2 – Tone
  • Frequency-enhanced water that heals and rejuvenates the skin and help further drive of products into the skin for better delivery of active ingredients.
  • Spray directly onto skin after cleansing or following application of serums.
  • Can be used at any point throughout the day to hydrate and reduce bacteria buildup on the skin’s surface.
  • For all skin types.
  • Helps heal wounds and blemishes
Step 4 – StemFactor Serum & Growth Factors


Step 5 – Antioxidant
  • Our Transformation Serums offer an acceleration in skin rejuvenation and repair.
  • Transformation Serums uses patented formulations with leading scientific findings that positively impact the recovery of damaged DNA while building collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • It can also improve scarring, skin tags, actinic keratosis and other skin disturbances that relate to DNA damage.
  • Follow directions for each product.
Step 6 – Serums
  • Our treatment serums improve the skin’s nutrition and increase immune repair activity while stimulating new collagen and elastin formation and restoring the protective barrier.
  • Each serum delivers actives deep in the skin through a patented liposomal delivery system.
  • Apply 1-2 pumps in AM and PM.
  • Can be combined with a transformation serum for remarkable rejuvenation for all skin types
Step 7 – Epidermal Repair Serum
Step 9 – Hydrator
Step 9 – Chemical Exfoliant


Step 10 – Moisturizer
  • Our moisturizers work to restore the skin’s barrier and feed the skin’s natural moisturizing nutrients.
  • Apply 1-2 pumps after serums as needed for moisture.
Step 11 – Sunblock
Step 12 – Foundation
Step 13 – Pressed Powder


Evening Skincare Order

Step 1 – Cleanse
Step 2 – Tone
Step 3 – Mask, leave 10 min and wash it off
Step 4 – StemFactor Serum & Growth Factors
Step 6 – Serums
Step 7 – Epidermal Repair Serum
Step 8 – Vitamin A
Step 9 – Chemical Exfoliant
Step 10 – Moisturizer

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