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    Furry Hand Cuffs. A beautiful set of classic cuffs suitable for all levels of rapturous bondage experience, the fur-lined cuffs, despite their soft, delicately fuzzy surface, are certainly sturdy and wonderfully escape-proof, setting the scene for literally hundreds of possible trussed-up fantasies.

    Furry Hand Cuffs Features

    • The shape is specially designed to maximize comfort
    • Suitable for the most person, the first choice for beginners and experienced players
    • Can increase professional knowledge, let you enjoy a different life with your lover
    • Enjoy the fun, which can be widely used in your life, such as role-playing, stage props, masquerade, equestrian show, cosplay, etc., leaving you with unforgettable memories and enhancing the interest in life
    • The package will be shipped privately, s

    Completely adjustable, the core metal clicks easily into place as the cuffs are positioned around the wrists (or ankles), a key lock them into place (two included), though there’s a safety catch on the side, just in case. The soft faux fur cushions the skin comfortably while a short-chain connector keeps hands or legs under complete control- the chain also works as a support for any bondage gear you may already own, as most tethers, ropes, bed restraints and otherwise will be able to be attached or knotted through.

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