Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum


Introducing Latisse®: Your Prescription Eyelash Growth Solution

Unlock the potential of longer, fuller lashes with Latisse®, the leading eyelash growth product. To ensure your safety and eligibility, a doctor consultation is required before delivery. But worry not, we offer convenient virtual consultations for your convenience. Your purchase includes a comprehensive doctor consultation at no extra cost. In the unlikely event that you are not cleared for Latisse® usage, we will provide a full refund, minus any cancellation or no-show fees. Even if you have used Latisse® before, a consultation is still mandatory prior to prescribing. Experience the stunning lashes you deserve with Latisse® today.

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Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum 5ml – Achieve Fuller, Longer Lashes with an Authorized Retailer in Canada

Experience the Magic of Latisse for Eyelash Enhancement

Discover the transformative power of Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum 5ml, a revolutionary product originally developed for glaucoma treatment, now celebrated for its unparalleled capability to foster lash growth, yielding thicker, fuller lashes. Esteemed by healthcare professionals and celebrities alike – from Claire Danes to Christina Hendricks – Latisse is also a beacon of hope for chemotherapy patients seeking to regrow lashes and eyebrows post-treatment.

Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa Inc.: Your Authorized Latisse Retailer

As a proudly authorized licensed retailer of Latisse, Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa Inc. in Moncton, NB, offers this exclusive eyelash enhancement product. Compliance with regulations that require Latisse purchases to be overseen by a physician is assured through our affiliation with the esteemed physician-directed 8 West Clinic.

Simplified Application for Stunning Results

Latisse application is a breeze. Utilize the specially designed applicator to apply a single drop of the solution at the base of each upper eyelash, wiping away any excess. A few seconds daily is all it takes to embark on the journey to breathtakingly beautiful lashes.

What is Latisse?

  • Size: A 5ml bottle packed with the potential for lash transformation.
  • Benefits: Clinically proven to render longer, darker, and fuller lashes, FDA-approved Latisse addresses inadequate eyelashes with visible results that unfold over time, peaking at 16 weeks.

How to Use Latisse:

  1. Start with a clean, makeup-free face and removed contact lenses.
  2. Use the applicator horizontally, applying one drop of Latisse to its tip.
  3. Gently apply along the base of your upper eyelashes, moving from the inner to the outer part.
  4. Blot excess solution and dispose of the applicator post-use.

Understanding the Side Effects of Latisse:

  • Avoid application in the eye or on the lower eyelid.
  • Use the sterile applicators provided, one per eyelid, to avoid contamination.
  • Contact lenses should be removed before application and can be reinserted after 15 minutes.
Transform Your Lashes with Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum 5ml

Place your order with Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa Inc., an authorized retailer, and embrace the beauty and confidence of fuller, longer lashes. Our experts ensure a seamless experience for our clients across Canada, offering virtual consultations and direct shipping for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about LATISSE®

Do I Need a Prescription for LATISSE®?

Yes, a prescription is necessary. Our expert team in Moncton, NB, offers virtual consultations to facilitate this.

What Are the Downsides of LATISSE®?

Potential side effects include eye redness and itchiness, which are typically mild and reversible.

How Much Does LATISSE® Cost?

Cost varies; contact us for a personalized consultation and detailed pricing.

Can I Get LATISSE® in Canada?

Absolutely! Sparkle Lifestyle & MediSpa makes LATISSE® accessible online throughout Canada.

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